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Hildt Lore Books is dedicated to bringing you the best table-top role-playing material available as well as fictional stories for your entertainment. Check out our unique online game that combines table-top role-playing with fictional stories that are simply out of this world (as this is a free game some content may be explicit). See Shoot the Bullet for details and then when you want to get into the game check out our Lenharrow Game page for the latest in gaming excellence.

The Lenharrow Adventurers Guild:

Knights Company

 will be meeting 

at the Gamer's Asylum

2671 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84401

(801) 689-2397

Please don't call Gamer's Asylum for club activities

Contact us at hildtlorebooks@gmail.com 

Christopher Hildt & The Tyger

will be be running alternating Campaigns every  week.

Contact us via hildtlorebooks@gmail.com for

gaming schedules and more info

Novels by Christopher "Logan" Hildt and "The Tyger"







Currently available as Amazon Kindle Books

Lenharrow Badd Company Chronicles

Follow the Adventures of

Dee "Synbadd" Bridges and his Company: Derrkon Rockbeard,

Martin Tierleaf, Mozart Martakamis, Falbar Teroth, and Clint McAllister

as they battle the forces of evil in a brilliant fantasy world with a rich history. 


Book 1

"Conflict at Creek Hollow"

Book 2

"Nobility Lost"

 Book 3

"Company of the Black Spear"

 Book 4

"Blistering Heart"

Book 5

"Thorn Keep" 

Other Novels by Christopher "Logan" Hildt (Currently Unavailable)



 Grey Fury: Sunset Blue

Futuristic Armored Soldiers fight in a post-apocalyptic world to stop one man from dominating the entire Earth. The story stars the 14th US Armored Division and it's Captain, Code Name...

Grey Fury

This book contains explicit language and violent content so for those readers looking for wholesome family entertainment this would probably not be the book for you and if it were a movie I'm certain that it would be rated R. 



The Dragon Patrol 

Dragons have returned to the Earth and modern armies are simply overwhelmed by them. A group of heroes band together to thwart the reptilian threat. Join Logan Storm and his team on a journey that will span two worlds and is filled with epic adventures. Dragons, Unicorns, Trolls and a villain that has visions of conquest far exceeding the reach of ordinary men.

This book contains mild language and violence and if it were a movie I'm certain that it would be rated PG.

 Possibly still Available at many fine book retailers across the web.

Hopefully Coming Soon As an Amazon KIndle Book 


As an author I've had many inspirations over the years as every writer does but in all fairness my personality and writing style has a direct link to the way Momma Hildt raised me so I guess that's my subtle way of thanking her. Oddly enough, unless I drag her over to the computer this is something she'll never see. I'd also attribute a great deal of my ramblings to my wife; the Tyger so Grey Fury aside that means the women in my life are endearingly responsible for all my work as an author and a game designer.

 For Lenharrow Badd Company Chronicles: This series has been in the works for over twenty years. It is in a major editing phase but we've written many books in the series the Tyger and I. It is our intention to release at least one book in the series each year so please check it out. All you older club members will recognize many of the characters and hopefully cheer them on (like I do) as they best one nasty bad guy after the other. 

For Grey Fury: I'd like to take up some space for recognizing all those I consider contributed to it's release. Red Selineus, Larry Hama, and Phillup Barmettler. Red Selineus (the other brother of the Hildt) encouraged me to give it a try, Larry Hama captured my imagination as a teenager and to this day his work still makes me feel like I'm right there in the action and as for Phil; your artwork all those years ago compelled me to complete the novel in which I put my heart into.Thanks one and all for your inspiration and support.

For The Dragon Patrol: This is a story that came about in my twenties and was originally written as a series of short stories to my Sister of the Hildt Sonya Harter. She was always inspiring me to do great things and I'll hope you'll agree that she succeeded. I'd also like to take a moment to thank the Tyger who encouraged me to finish the story.

Lenharrow Online Gaming; Jump into a Game

All games are currently over for the foreseeable future. Haven's Run lasted 5 years and although a success it ran its course. If anyone is interested in either running or playing an online please e-mail us let us know but for the moment we have no Referees with a desire to run a game online as (from personal experience) I can only say that it's a lot of work and very time consuming while the game is active.

For those of you interested in knowing what an online game was like please check out our Shoot the Bullet page and read the Haven's Run, Meigren, and Copperriver games. 

Hildt Lore Books is still dedicated to bringing you the finest in table-top gaming and entertainment. Join the website and join the fun. We're looking forward to gaming with you.

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